Energy Efficiency for Compressed Air.

ICO-Air is ICOPOWER 's patented technology that significantly lowers the energy costs of production facilities that use compressed air. An intervention that can ensure a reduction in consumption between 10% and 40%, guaranteeing greater energy efficiency.

An ICO-Air model on a performance graph.

Inefficiencies in compressed air production.

 Almost all of today's industries and SMEs employ significant amounts of compressed air for automations and their industrial processes. The production of air must be able to satisfy the many utilities that, with different times, durations and behaviors, enable the production cycle. This results in a variable draw of air from moment to moment.
The variability of operating conditions is the real challenge for compressed air production in an efficient mode. Energy consumption and increased efficiency is an increasingly crucial goal, both as a business strategy for increasing profits and as an environmental protection policy. 


Fixed setpoint

The only value the compressor reads is the pressure inside the reference tank. This is the one and only target parameter, called thepressure set point. The pressure set point is a constant value, set during system sizing, despite the variability of compressed air absorptions.


Finding the working point

The inverter compressor reaches maximum efficiency when it modulates its output, that is, near the operating point (pressure set point). In case of significant and rapid air demands, the compressor leaves the modulation zone and is forced to work at full capacity, losing efficiency. Often in companies, the variability of compressed air consumption in production islands is such that it causes this phenomenon. 



The presence of leaks along the distribution system and the need for appropriate pressure even at the machinery at the end of the line often force the set point of the compressors to be oversized. This phenomenon moves the compressors away from the optimal working point (high-efficiency modulation zone). 


Increased losses

Oversizing the set point causes an increase in the average pressure in the dstribution ducts and a consequent higher air leakage

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How ICO-AIR technology works.

The ICO-Air system reduces inefficiencies arising from the compressed air distribution system. the activity is mainly based on two elements:

  • Reduction of compressor working hours without performance alteration.
  • Reduction of compressor working hours devoted solely to physiological feeding of system losses.

The ICO-Air system enables the reduction of operation/work of compressed air production systems through the installation of components (flow and pressure sensors and motorized valves) whose location can be identified before and after the storage tank, as best depicted in the summary diagram below.

Compressed air production

Icon - direction of travel of compressed air

On-farm distribution

Scheme of operation of ICO-Air
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Current sensors

Through current sensors connected to the power supply of the compressors, ICO-Air detects the electrical consumption required for compressed air production at any given moment. This information is constantly processed by ICO-Air's artificial intelligence.

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Pressure sensors

A motorized valve and a sophisticated hot-wire sensor system are installed downstream of the tank for real-time detection of all pneumatic parameters. In this way, ICO-Air processes the continuous changes in compressed air demand from the company and compares them with the electrical activity of the compressors.

Icon - Number 3

Pressure adjustment

 The continuous comparison of compressed air demand and the electrical behavior of compressors allows ICO-Air to modulate the pressure sensed by the compressor. Through a motorized valve, the system allows the compressor to work for a longer time in its own high-efficiency zone.

Icon - Number 4

Bypass System

To ensure air supply to production facilities in all situations, the ICO-Air system provides both manual bypasses on the motorized valves and an always-connected bypass pipeline.

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Intelligent tank

The artificial intelligence of ICO-Air produces improved energy efficiency of the compressed air station and, at the same time, an opportune reduction of the average pressure in the reservoir, in full compliance with the parameters required for the operation of the company's plants.

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‍summary ofbenefits.

Icon - Guaranteed Savings

Guaranteed savings

The Icopower offer includes a contractual guarantee of the specified performance.
In case of failure to achieve the guaranteed result, the Client is reimbursed.

Icon - International Patent

International patent

The result is guaranteed by a proprietary patent, testing proving the reduction in consumption, constant monitoring during normal plant use, and timely verification of the reduction in KWh reported on the bill, month by month.

Icon - Automatic bypass


The bypass system makes it possible to maintain the supply of compressed air to company facilities at all times.

Icon - Maximum Accuracy

Maximum accuracy

ICO-Air apparatuses are internally equipped with measurement instrumentation that allows data collection and processing to occur with extreme precision.

Icon - Reduce working hours

Reduced working hours

The ICO-Air activity enables the reduction of compressor working hours while maintaining the plant's productivity.

Reducing unnecessary work hours

Reducing unnecessary work hours

ICO-Air enables the reduction of compressor working hours devoted solely to the physiological feeding of system losses.

Icon - No plant tampering

No plant tampering

The system does not interfere in any way with the compressors but acts only at the electromechanical level on the air storage station, without compromising and/or tampering with equipment that may be the subject of other third-party maintenance contracts

Icon - Increased implant longevity

Increased implant longevity

Less stress on the compressed air station, results in increased longevity and performance of the Customer's compressors.

Icon - Energy management

Energy management

Management of the performance data collected, allows the construction of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and other indicators, all from the perspective of developing the company's best production "habits."

Icon - Cloud Management

Cloud Management

All control parameters are stored on encrypted and redundant servers in the cloud.

Icon - Communication 4.0

Two-way communication 4.0

In perfect adherence to the 4.0 architecture, Icopower solutions communicate bidirectionally, both for sharing performance data and for receiving controls, commands and new programming.

Icon - Multi-device access

Multi-device access

The Icopower monitoring architecture rests on the cloud and therefore allows access from any device (pc, tablet, smartphone, etc...) with an internet connection and login credentials.

Contractually guaranteed performance.

Icopower's energy efficiency offerings include a contractual performance guarantee. This means that the Client has the protection that their investment in energy efficiency will produce the expected results.

Reporting Dashboard

Continuous measurement

All models in the ICO-Air range are equipped with measurement instrumentation that continuously measures the energy efficiency parameters obtained.

Meeting Scheduling

Repayment covenant

Icopower is contractually committed to performance, protecting the Client with a covenant of repayment.
Maximum transparency, maximum peace of mind.

Email Tracking

International patent

The ICO-Air technology is covered by an international patent attesting to the effectiveness that can be generated at companies' compressed air stations.

A consultant who cares about his clients

ICO-Air is a 4.0 technology.

ICOPOWER systems meet the parameters defined by the Ministry of Economic Development(MISE) and the Gestore dei Servizi Energetici(GSE) to take advantage of the tax benefits provided by the National Industry 4.0 Plan, which, when added to the actual energy savings, allow the payback period to be considerably reduced, in favor of greater competitiveness for Customers.

Tax credit

For capital goods 4.0-such as ICO Air-the customer benefits from a tax credit equal to 20 percent of the cost for the portion of investments up to 2.5 million euros.

ICO-Air has been certified as a 4.0 capital asset and also enjoys Bureau Veritas certification for obtaining the tax credit.

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New Sabatini

The cost of leasing can be reduced to zero for companies can take advantage of the so-called "New Sabatini": a facility made available by the MISE for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

This facility allows for a subsidy on the requested loan of 3.575 percent per year for investments in Industry 4.0 technologies.

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Energy Efficiency Titles

Energy Efficiency Certificates are tradable securities that certify the achievement of savings in energy end-use resulting from the implementation of specific energy efficiency measures.

ICO-Air has already been awarded Energy Efficiency Certificates, on energy efficiency interventions at customers who have applied for them.

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The first step toward efficiency:
theEnergy Audit.

The energy efficiency bids generated by Icopower include a written guarantee of the achievable performance. This means that the customer enjoys contractual certainty of the savings value stated in the offer.

Given the wide variety of factors that affect the electrical losses of facilities, in order for Icopower to expose itself with an accurate and consistent performance guarantee, it is necessary to conduct a preliminary measurement campaign.

The energy audit is precisely the essential step both in developing a guaranteed savings offer and in detecting any anomalies on electrical loads resulting from grid behavior. 

How an energy audit is conducted

During this activity, lasting an average of 5-7 days, the analysis instruments installed at the Customer's premises carry out accurate electrical monitoring, of the system as a whole and even more specifically of the peculiar characteristics of the point of delivery (POD).
Document collection
Representation of 12 electric bills
Copies of the last 12 electricity bills complete with all pages are requested from the Customer.
In order to prepare the energy savings offer, it is necessary to interpolate the data collected from the audit with the Customer's consumption history.
Where possible, viewing of the plant's single-line electrical diagrams is requested.
Energy audit
A screenshot of Schneider's PME platform
A Power Energy Logger (PEL) is used to measure all electrical quantities of the individual utility (voltages, powers, currents, phase shifts, THD, etc...).
The PEL is connected at the company's general or departmental switchboards.
Depending on the electrical layout of the plant being analyzed, it may be necessary to connect more than one PEL.
Data processing
A tablet with graphs
At the end of the energy audit, data from electricity bills are processed with those collected during the energy audit.
Icopower undertakes to use the collected data and all additional information received from the Customer, in full compliance with the current legislation on privacy and data processing.
Bid presentation
The Icopower offering document
Following the processing of the data received, Icopower produces and delivers the bid document to the Client.
This document consists of three sections:
1 - Economic-financial proposal
2 - Contract conditions
3 - Energy audit summary
Milan Polytechnic's MADE award.The MADE pavilion at the Poitecnico di Milano.
Detail of Icopower's booth at the MADE at the Milan Polytechnic.

Icopower booth at MADE.

Icopower is a partner of the Made Competence Center Industry 4.0.

MADE is a Competence Center for Industry 4.0 created to carry out Orientation, Training and Finalization activities for technology transfer projects with companies on Industry 4.0 issues.

A technical interlocutor that companies can turn to for support during the digital transition phase to a smart factory. The first contact with companies that are not aware of the Competence Center's offer is that of their orientation to increase their awareness of Industry 4.0 issues, with the aim of developing training paths dedicated to technicians, but also to the strategic profiles of companies and carry out technology transfer projects.


We exhibit on a permanent basis at MADE

Icopower exhibits its technologies in operation at the Made headquarters on the campus of the Milan Polytechnic University. Here you can view our energy efficiency solutions and, at the same time, understand how to take advantage of our compliance with the National Industry 4.0 Plan (now"Transition 4.0").

icopower brand covered with green grass

ICO-Air contributes to environmental sustainability.

Every energy efficiency bid that Icopower issues contains specific information about the environmental benefits that can be achieved by installing ICO-Air.
Our customers benefit from valuable information that they can use in
green marketing activities , in sustainability reporting and in improving
carbon footprint.

Green icon of a house
Annual savings
equal to consumption
of no. households 
Green icon of the world
Reduction of emissions in Tons of CO2 equivalent.
Green icon of a gasoline pump
Reduction in Emissions in Tons of Oil Equivalent
Green icon of a tree
Hectares of forest equal
to your energy savings 
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Increase your environmental sustainability now

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sustainability balance.

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