Our Reframing 4.0.

ICO-R a completely new approach to power factor correction that can increase Power Quality through a modular turnkey service that eliminates reactive power issues.

A system that can monitor plant behavior in real time and enjoy "Industry 4.0" tax benefits.

The internal components are designed and sized to operate properly under load conditions greater than those actually present in order to maintain durability and effective performance over time.

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Reactive energy graph

The problem of reactive energy.

Reactive energy is that portion of energy that instead of being consumed immediately by the user is stored for a few fractions of a second and released into the power grid. The use of reactive energy concerns equipment that needs a magnetic field to operate, such as electric motors, fluorescent (neon) lamps, and electronic equipment (screens, computers, etc.).


Penali per cosφ < 0,95

Resolution 180/2013 and subsequent ones, in force since 2016, provide the methodologies for the calculation and subsequent charging of Penalties for Excessive Consumption of Reactive Energy.
As of April 1, 2023, Resolution 232/2022/R/eel provides for non-domestic end customers in Low Voltage and Medium Voltage customers to be charged fees in relation to reactive energy feed-in to the grid in the F3 band.

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Plant inefficiency

The presence of reactive energy causes an increase in both apparent power and current. This phenomenon causes:
- Reduction in the average life of machinery
- Increased losses (Joule effect) on cables, generators and transformers

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Power reduction

The presence of reactive power also results in the reduction of the Active Power (kW) available at the terminals of Generators and Transformers, as these machines, loaded with the burden of producing reactive power, deliver less active power than their apparent power (kVA)

An industrial transformer
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‍summary ofbenefits.

Icon - Guaranteed Savings

Guaranteed rephasing

Total performance guarantee: Icopower reimburses any euro penalty applied on the bill if the customer incurs reactive energy values above the regulatory threshold

Icon - Independent Certifications

Independent certifications

The savings verification protocol has been independently certified for maximum transparency.

Icon - Reactive Energy Reduction

Reactive energy reduction

In addition to energy saving (power saving) Icopower also provides a significant reduction in reactive energy (power quality) by relieving the work of existing power factor correction devices

Harmonic reduction

Loss reduction

Improved reactive energy enables a reduction in the joule effect (dissipation of energy into heat) on both cables and generators and transformers.

Icon - Surge and spike protection

Increased available power

One of the effects of power factor correction with ICO-R is an increase in the power available at the terminals of generators and transformers due to a reduction in the difference between active and apparent power.

Icon - Increased implant longevity

Increased implant longevity

ICO-R enables the reduction of apparent power and current. This results in increased longevity of the systems

Icon - Energy management

Energy management

Management of the performance data collected, allows the construction of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and other indicators, all from the perspective of developing the company's best production "habits."

Icon - Cloud Management

Cloud Management

Total transparency in real time, thanks to remote management of all system functions.

Icon - Two-way communication

Two-way communication

In perfect adherence to the 4.0 architecture, Icopower solutions communicate bidirectionally, both for sharing performance data and for receiving controls, commands and new programming.

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ICO-R's Certifications.

EC Declaration of Conformity

Electromagnetic Compatibility EN IEC 61558

Shunt power capacitors of the self-healing type for a.c. systems having a rated voltage up to and including 1,000 V (Part 1) - IEC/EN 60831-1

Low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies - IEC/EN 61439

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