Pure Energy Efficiency for Enterprises.

ICO-F is Icopower's well-established and innovative technology, which can guarantee a reduction in energy waste generated by surges in power grids.
Savings are achieved while maintaining the company's productivity.
This leads to an immediate economic benefit.
Based on more than 2,700* installations in 24 countries, most of our Customers benefit from
certified savings of between 4% and 10%

* Given as of 12/31/2023
ICO-F model against an emotional background of energy saving
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The invisible problem of companies:
electrical losses.

Energy efficiency is the term that describes the process of using energy efficiently. This means using less energy to achieve the same results, which results in reduced costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Businesses are increasingly aware of the importance of energy efficiency and are looking for ways to improve it. In addition, government regulation is pushing businesses toward more sustainable energy use.


Voltage fluctuations

The grid that distributes electricity to businesses, due to the variability of utility absorption, delivers fluctuating voltage that is generally higher than necessary. These voltage fluctuations also propagate into the company's electrical systems.

The surges present in the distribution of electricity


Energy losses

These surges from the grid, cause waste within the company, in the form of heat and dissipation (so-called "grid losses").
They can also reduce the efficiency of some types of electrical loads, causing additional extra production costs.

Diagram of dissipation from the power grid


Economic damages

These losses represent appreciable economic damage to companies by forcing them to consume more for the same production. In addition, voltage fluctuations risk reducing the average life of customer's machinery.

Scheme of electricity losses in the company
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How ICO-F technology works.

ICO-F is Icopower's range for reducing Customer's grid losses, i.e., that part of the energy paid for but dissipated by the system. Grid losses are strongly influenced by excess voltage fluctuations from the grid. ICO-F is a next-generation voltage optimizer system, covered by several international patents, which stands out thanks to an innovative technology that can contractually guarantee the reduction of energy waste generated by surges in the power grids. The models in the ICO-F line also make it possible to eliminate voltage spikes within systems, resulting in a longer life of the system components themselves.

Voltage from the grid

Arrow indicating the direction of the current

Voltage to loads

Performance graph of an ICO-F model.
Diagram of electrical inefficiencies due to surges

Energy efficiency in three moves.

ICO-F technology leverages proprietary patents to bring
real-time energy efficiency into the enterprise. 

Icon - Number 1

Tension analysis

At every instant, ICO-F analyzes the incoming voltage from the grid and detects the magnitude of surges responsible for extra production consumption.

Icon - Number 2

Voltage optimization

ICO-F optimizes the voltage to be sent to the company, reducing unnecessary surges. ICO-F operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Icon - Number 3

Economic advantage

Eliminating the non-productive portion of surges allows customers to consume less energy for the same output while protecting their systems from excessive voltage surges.

Contractually guaranteed performance.

Icopower's energy efficiency offerings include a contractual performance guarantee. This means that the Client has the protection that their investment in energy efficiency will produce the expected results.

Reporting Dashboard

Continuous measurement

All models in the ICO-F range are equipped with measurement instrumentation that continuously measures the energy efficiency parameters obtained.

Meeting Scheduling

Repayment covenant

Icopower is contractually committed to performance, protecting the Client with a covenant of repayment.
Maximum transparency, maximum peace of mind.

Email Tracking

International protocol

Based on the international IPMVP® protocol, in application of the VDE-AR-E-2055-1 standard, Icopower identifies the % of savings achievable through its technology and guarantees it contractually.

A consultant who cares about his clients

The ICO-F range.

Developed for energy efficiency in the Industrial, Commercial and Tertiary sectors,
ICO-F consists of a wide range of models. The available wattages make it possible to bring energy efficiency to businesses of all sizes: from the small store, to large industry. The models in the ICO-F range can be used in combination with each other to precisely and effectively act on the lines that need the most energy efficiency.

The ICO-F range
Icon - Power

Customer satisfaction

Configured in three-phase mode, with allowable powers from 20 kVA to 1,800 kVA, it is suitable for any application context.

Icon - Measure

Faster deals

Continuous performance measurement according to the InternationalPerformance Measurement and Verification Protocol(IPMVP®)

Icon - Efficiency

More deals closed

Based on more than 2,300* installations in 24 countries, most of our Customers benefit from certified savings between 4% and 10%.

* Given as of 12/31/2022
Icon - Warranty

Retention rate

The performance of ICO-F is instrumentally measured and contractually guaranteed for maximum customer protection.

The monitoring system.

Icopower has developed in partnership with Schneider® a monitoring system(PME - Power Monitoring Expert) that can be accessed from any device, allowing the system's performance to be monitored at all times.

Diagrams of the PME platform on desktop
PME platform diagrams on cell phone
Icon - Real-time data

Real-time data

During its operation, ICO F displays its own performance and power grid parameters in real time.

Icon - Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers

All electrical data collected by ICO F are stored on encrypted servers and are always accessible by the customer, from any device.

Icon - Control and Security

Control and security

Any out-of-threshold values are detected and reported to Icopower's data center so that rapid action can be taken.

A stylized electronic circuit

Digital power grid

The monitoring system makes it possible to check both theenergy efficiency generated by Icopower's solutions and the electrical information related to plant performance at all times. A close view of consumption allows further areas of efficiency to be identified. The platform is "open" and thus able to function as a "hub" and receive data from other monitoring systems already at the customer's premises, without risk of duplication.

Our Bypass System.

Each model in the ICO F range is includes an advanced automatic safety bypass to protect the electrical system. By activating the bypass, the ICO F can be excluded from the power line without causing power interruptions to the plant, ensuring maximum continuity of work on production lines. Bypass can also be activated manually, either from the HMI screen on board the machine or remotely.
Maximum safety, even remotely.

Icon - No interruption

No interruption

The bypass system is designed to allow the ICO F to be isolated from the plant if necessary, while maintaining continuity of power supply to the company. For this reason we are also efficient to hospitals and RSAs.

Icon - Remote Control

Remote control

In case of need, the bypass system automatically intervenes. It is also possible to enter the bypass manually: either directly on the ICO F or from cell phones, tablets, desktops.

The bypass system is installed as standard on every model in the ICO F range.

Icon - Plant Protection

Plant protection

Although the focus remains on energy efficiency, our system makes it possible to protect equipment from excessive surges that can damage machinery and electronics. Energy efficiency in total safety

Icon - Always works

It always works

Even in the event that power is lost from the grid distributor, the bypass is designed to isolate ICO F even in the absence of power.

ICO F is a 4.0 technology.

ICOPOWER systems meet the parameters defined by the Ministry of Economic Development(MISE) and the Gestore dei Servizi Energetici(GSE) to take advantage of the tax benefits provided by the National Industry 4.0 Plan, which, when added to the actual energy savings, allow the payback period to be considerably reduced, in favor of greater competitiveness for Customers.

Tax credit

For capital goods 4.0-such as ICO F-the customer benefits from a tax credit equal to 20 percent of the cost for the portion of investments up to 2.5 million euros.

ICO F has been certified as a 4.0 capital asset and also enjoys Bureau Veritas certification for obtaining the tax credit.

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New Sabatini

The cost of leasing can be reduced to zero for companies can take advantage of the so-called "New Sabatini": a facility made available by the MISE for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

This facility allows for a subsidy on the requested loan of 3.575 percent per year for investments in Industry 4.0 technologies.

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Energy Efficiency Titles

Energy Efficiency Certificates are tradable securities that certify the achievement of savings in energy end-use resulting from the implementation of specific energy efficiency measures.

ICO F has already been awarded Energy Efficiency Certificates, on energy efficiency interventions at customers who have applied for them.

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‍summary ofbenefits.

Icon - Guaranteed Savings

Guaranteed savings

The Icopower offer includes a contractual guarantee of the specified performance.
In case of failure to achieve the guaranteed result, the customer is reimbursed

Icon - Independent Certifications

Independent certifications

The savings verification protocol has been independently certified for maximum transparency.

Icon - Automatic bypass

Automatic bypass

Solutions in the ICO F range are equipped with a bypass system that meets the most stringent regulations and ensures continuity of power to the systems even in the event of a malfunction.

Icon - Maximum Accuracy

Maximum accuracy

ICO F apparatuses are internally equipped with measurement instrumentation that allows data collection and processing to occur with extreme precision.

Icon - Reactive Energy Reduction

Reactive energy reduction

In addition to energy saving (power saving) Icopower also provides a significant reduction in reactive energy (power quality) by relieving the work of existing power factor correction devices

Harmonic reduction

Harmonic reduction

The patented ICO-F architecture for generating savings consists partly of inductances. This results in natural passive filtering of some harmonic frequencies. The average performance of ICO-Fs is around a 10 percent reduction in THD (Total Harmonic Distortion).

Icon - Surge and spike protection

Peak and spike protection

The architecture of ICO-F is also a shield against sudden voltage spikes or spikes, and protects the enterprise plant from harmful electrical phenomena.

Icon - Increased implant longevity

Increased implant longevity

Lower stress and reduced exposure to harmful electrical phenomena results in increased longevity and performance of the Customer's plant.

Icon - Energy management

Energy management

Management of the performance data collected, allows the construction of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and other indicators, all from the perspective of developing the company's best production "habits."

Icon - Cloud Management

Cloud Management

All performance parameters are stored on encrypted and redundant servers in the cloud.

Icon - Two-way communication

Two-way communication

In perfect adherence to the 4.0 architecture, Icopower solutions communicate bidirectionally, both for sharing performance data and for receiving controls, commands and new programming.

Icon - Multi device access

Multi-device access

The Icopower monitoring architecture rests on the cloud and therefore allows access from any device (pc, tablet, smartphone, etc...) with an internet connection and login credentials.

The first step toward efficiency:
theEnergy Audit.

The energy efficiency bids generated by Icopower include a written guarantee of the achievable performance. This means that the customer enjoys contractual certainty of the savings value stated in the offer.

Given the wide variety of factors that affect the electrical losses of facilities, in order for Icopower to expose itself with an accurate and consistent performance guarantee, it is necessary to conduct a preliminary measurement campaign.

The energy audit is precisely the essential step both in developing a guaranteed savings offer and in detecting any anomalies on electrical loads resulting from grid behavior. 

How an energy audit is conducted

During this activity, lasting an average of 5-7 days, the analysis instruments installed at the Customer's premises carry out accurate electrical monitoring, of the system as a whole and even more specifically of the peculiar characteristics of the point of delivery (POD).
Document collection
Representation of 12 electric bills
Copies of the last 12 electricity bills complete with all pages are requested from the Customer.
In order to prepare the energy savings offer, it is necessary to interpolate the data collected from the audit with the Customer's consumption history.
Where possible, viewing of the plant's single-line electrical diagrams is requested.
Energy audit
A screenshot of Schneider's PME platform
A Power Energy Logger (PEL) is used to measure all electrical quantities of the individual utility (voltages, powers, currents, phase shifts, THD, etc...).
The PEL is connected at the company's general or departmental switchboards.
Depending on the electrical layout of the plant being analyzed, it may be necessary to connect more than one PEL.
Data processing
A tablet with graphs
At the end of the energy audit, data from electricity bills are processed with those collected during the energy audit.
Icopower undertakes to use the collected data and all additional information received from the Customer, in full compliance with the current legislation on privacy and data processing.
Bid presentation
The Icopower offering document
Following the processing of the data received, Icopower produces and delivers the bid document to the Client.
This document consists of three sections:
1 - Economic-financial proposal
2 - Contract conditions
3 - Energy audit summary
Milan Polytechnic's MADE award.The MADE pavilion at the Poitecnico di Milano.
Detail of Icopower's booth at the MADE at the Milan Polytechnic.

Icopower booth at MADE.

Icopower is a partner of the Made Competence Center Industry 4.0.

MADE is a Competence Center for Industry 4.0 created to carry out Orientation, Training and Finalization activities for technology transfer projects with companies on Industry 4.0 issues.

A technical interlocutor that companies can turn to for support during the digital transition phase to a smart factory. The first contact with companies that are not aware of the Competence Center's offer is that of their orientation to increase their awareness of Industry 4.0 issues, with the aim of developing training paths dedicated to technicians, but also to the strategic profiles of companies and carry out technology transfer projects.


We exhibit on a permanent basis at MADE

Icopower exhibits its technologies in operation at the Made headquarters on the campus of the Milan Polytechnic University. Here you can view our energy efficiency solutions and, at the same time, understand how to take advantage of our compliance with the National Industry 4.0 Plan (now"Transition 4.0").

icopower brand covered with green grass

ICO-F contributes to environmental sustainability.

Every energy efficiency bid that Icopower issues contains specific information about the environmental benefits that can be achieved by installing ICO-F.
Our customers benefit from valuable information that they can use in
green marketing activities , in sustainability reporting and in improving
carbon footprint.

Green icon of a house
Annual savings
equal to consumption
of no. households 
Green icon of the world
Reduction of emissions in Tons of CO2 equivalent.
Green icon of a gasoline pump
Reduction in Emissions in Tons of Oil Equivalent
Green icon of a tree
Hectares of forest equal
to your energy savings 
Image indicating CO2 savings

Increase your environmental sustainability now

Request an appointment now and
let's find out together how much
we can improve your company's
energy efficiency and
sustainability balance.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can ICO F be used in the presence of photovoltaic or cogeneration plants?

Absolutely yes.
ICO F efficiencies all of the company's electricity consumption, regardless of whether it comes from the grid or from self-generation systems such as photovoltaics or cogenerators. In all cases where the self-generated energy is only a portion of the total demand, ICO F's intervention subtracts dissipated kilowatt-hours exclusively from the portion of energy taken from the grid.
This results in economic savings taken entirely off the electricity bill.
In the example below, a 5 percent savings in consumption is assumed, thanks to ICO F.

Graph of the benefit generated by ICO-F in the case of the presence of photovoltaic system or co-generator

How can I verify the savings?

The entire ICO-F range is equipped with performance measurement sensors. Savings are calculated in real time using the IPMVP protocol, in compliance with the international standard VDE-AR-E-2055-1, and are made available either on the display of our models or via a digital platform.

What is the difference between ICO-F and a phase shifter?

The power factor correction device is a power quality device that deals with reducing the reactive energy produced by certain types of loads in the company (e.g., electric motors). The reactive energy represents the phase shift between voltage and current that is caused by the aforementioned loads in the farm and which, through capacitors, is corrected by the power factor correction device. Capacitors are components that are subject to breakdown over time, and their vulnerability increases if harmonic currents are present, a phenomenon that is increasingly present in companies.
In addition, the power factor correction activity involves extra energy consumption that the customer pays for.

Reactive energy graph.

ICO-F is an energy-saving technology that deals with reducing energy losses in the company while maintaining productivity.
In its energy efficiency activity, ICO-F also indirectly intervenes in the partial reduction of reactive energy in the plant. This activity is carried out without the use of capacitors, thus avoiding the extra energy consumption normally caused by the power factor correction unit.
The presence of ICO-F in a plant brings energy efficiency to the customer and, at the same time, reduces the workload of the present power factor correction units, increasing their longevity.

Can the energy saving data from ICO-F be used for the sustainability report?

Energy consumption savings data, guaranteed by Icopower equipment, is measured with the international standard(VDE 2055 AR 1) and can be converted using Enea parameters (or other parameters based on the type of conversion methodology) into Tons of Co2 or Tons of Oil Equivalent (TEP).

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