Energy Efficiency
for electronic and led loads.

newborn in the ICOPOWER household: a new generation, it is designed to increase the life of electronic loads, such as LED lighting, by preserving them from harmful phenomena in the power grid. The ICO-L system can handle up to 9kW three-phase power, with a very small footprint.

An ICO-L model against a background of led lamps

The weakness of led lighting.

 LED lighting has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its high energy efficiency, longer lifespan, and flexible design. However, like all electronic devices, LEDs are vulnerable to voltage surges and surges. Voltage surges can be caused by multiple factors, such as thunderstorms, power transfer, electrical load changes, and power outages.  

 LED lamps and electronic loads can also be damaged by repeated small surges. These surges can be caused by the presence of overheating in the LED lighting circuit, which can cause current buildup in the circuit and eventual breakdown of circuit parts.

The advantages of ICO-L technology.

Extend the life of LEDs and electronic loads


 ICO L aims to reduce the cost of extraordinary maintenance of applied electronic loads by preserving them from harmful phenomena in the network. Maintenance costs for the company are greatly reduced.

Great power in a small space

 The ICO L system handles up to9 kW THREE-PHASE maximum power,with a very small footprint.Wall-applicable, it represents a compact, practical and easy-to-install solution.


 ICO L is able to read, in real time, the maximum peak voltage detected per single phase and dievidire how many events and on qualificasi the load has been protected from potentially damaging electric shocks.

Comprehensive monitoring

An LED strip, located on the front panel, provides a wealth of information on proper operation and the presence of a single damaging event or repetitions. The system also has an interface for exporting detected data.

Warranty Extension

This solution allows the warranty on LEDs to be extended by 5 years, even if they are manufactured by a third party and already installed at the Customer's premises.


ICO L includes within it a proprietary electronic device capable of reading the derivatives of the voltages,being able to define the curve of the damaging spike for icloads. We are not talking about a simple voltage reader but rather a reader of voltage behavior.

Milan Polytechnic's MADE award.The MADE pavilion at the Poitecnico di Milano.
Detail of Icopower's booth at the MADE at the Milan Polytechnic.

Icopower booth at MADE.

Icopower is a partner of the Made Competence Center Industry 4.0.

MADE is a Competence Center for Industry 4.0 created to carry out Orientation, Training and Finalization activities for technology transfer projects with companies on Industry 4.0 issues.

A technical interlocutor that companies can turn to for support during the digital transition phase to a smart factory. The first contact with companies that are not aware of the Competence Center's offer is that of their orientation to increase their awareness of Industry 4.0 issues, with the aim of developing training paths dedicated to technicians, but also to the strategic profiles of companies and carry out technology transfer projects.


We exhibit on a permanent basis at MADE

Icopower exhibits its technologies in operation at the Made headquarters on the campus of the Milan Polytechnic University. Here you can view our energy efficiency solutions and, at the same time, understand how to take advantage of our compliance with the National Industry 4.0 Plan (now"Transition 4.0").

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