Energy efficiency for enterprises.

Since 2013, ICOPOWER has been helping companies save on energy consumption through a series of patented technologies.

Technical background with Icopower logo and of measurement, efficiency, control and performance indicators

Increase your environmental sustainability now

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what we do for you.

is your energy efficiency partner.

In contrast to companies
that offer simple
power quality solutions,
we have designed, implemented and patented technologies that are strongly focused onenergy efficiency.

Our approach is focused on reducing your power consumption while maintaining your company's
We provide continuous instrumental measurement
of our performance
and contractual guarantee of results.

What this means for you is:
hidden costs
and maintenance expenses,
increase operating margin
for your company, and
improve your sustainability balance.

‍2,700 installations*.

* Given as of 12/31/2023

With more than 2,700 installations in 24 countries, Icopower brings energy efficiency to countless manufacturing sectors. Below are testimonials from some of our customers.

What they say about us
‍our customers.

Stefano Maza, CEO at Gruppo Morato Pane SpA
Morato Pane SpA Group Logo

Icopower is the solution to our desire to reduce our plants' electricity consumption and protect the environment. Thanks to Icopower, we have significantly saved on energy costs and significantly reduced Co2 emissions.

Stephen Maza
CEO at Gruppo Morato Pane SpA
Andrea Casati, CTO of Trafileria Carlo Casati SpA
Logo of Trafileria Carlo Casati SpA

Since 2015, together with Icopower, we have started a company-wide efficiency cycle. Overall efficiency has increased by 27% by decreasing energy cost per ton produced [kWh/ton] by 6% and energy per hour processed [kWh/h lav] by 13%.

Andrea Casati
CTO at Trafileria Carlo Casati SpA
Valentino Gandin of Sfusi ma Buoni
Sibelco Group Logo

After installation, we conducted an extensive test campaign in order to verify the behavior of the machines and the real savings. At the end we verified a saving between 7% and 8%, absolutely in line with what was projected. In addition, having a contractually guaranteed saving lowers the risk component and allows us to plan investments with peace of mind.

Stephen Santoro
Energy Manager at Sibelco
Carlo Filippo Villani - Director of Operations at Villani Spa
Villani Spa Logo

The experience with Icopower is definitely positive. The installers were very precise and helpful. I would certainly recommend Icopower technologies: in addition to the savings, the pay-back of the investment has been absolutely positive and reflects expectations.

Charles Philip Villani
Operations Director at Villani SpA
Francesco Castagnoli - Director at Marcegaglia Oskar
Marcegaglia Oskar logo

The experience with Icopower has certainly been positive, both because our customers are particularly sensitive to the fact that their suppliers are mindful of reasoned and restrained energy use and because we are interested in improving our income statement. Moreover, the fact that Icopower contracts the guarantee of promised savings is extremely unique.

Francis Castagnoli
Director at Marcegaglia Oskar
Adalberto Santi - Mc Donald's Franchisee - Serravalle Scrivia
Mc Donald's Logo

Our experience with Icopower has been great: a very professional company, fast, ductile and able to listen to the customer's needs. I absolutely recommend Icopower technologies, both because of a savings factor, because we can act on a monitoring platform and control all our extra consumption, and then because we have detected far fewer electrical problems with our machinery after installing Icopower.

Adalbert Santi
Mc Donald's Franchisee - Serravalle Scrivia
Roberto Lenzi - President of FAR Srl
FAR Die Castings Logo

As FAR is an energy-intensive company, we immediately delved into the issue of efficiency. Icopower machines are very easy to install, and the monitoring platform is very user-friendly. Every day we can accurately monitor energy efficiency data.

Roberto Lenzi
President FAR Ltd.
Photo by Pier Luigi Monari - President at Artic Freezing Docks
Artic Freezing Docks SpA Logo

It was a very good experience both before and after installation. After one year of operation, we verified an 8% savings on our electricity consumption. I definitely recommend this technology.

Pier Luigi Monari
President at Artic Freezing Docks SpA
Pier Luigi Monari
Logo of Bear Plast Srl

After we met, we saw the product at the Milan Polytechnic and checked the technical and interface features for real-time savings feedback. I would recommend Icopower machines to others and have already done so.

Marco Bedogni
CEO at Bear Plast Ltd.
Valentino Gandin of Sfusi ma Buoni
Logo of Loose but Good

I installed the machines in my stores in Noale and Quinto di Treviso. Not only do I notice monthly savings but I have no longer had breakdowns to my equipment and in particular the refrigerated counters, ovens and especially the "cellar" for storing white wines and champagnes.

Valentino Gandin
Owner at Loose but Good

The sectors to which we bring energy efficiency

Icopower's technologies succeed in bringing efficiency to an extremely large and diverse customer base: from the small store to large industry, from the manufacturing company to large retailers.

Image of a manufacturing industry


Paper mills
Industrial processing

Image of a shopping mall


Retail chains
Shopping malls

Image of a hospital


Hospitals / Clinics / RSAs
Hotels / Resorts
Spas and thermal baths
Agritourism and catering
Cold logistics
Freight forwarders

Our contribution to environmental sustainability.

Energy saving data updated to 12/31/2023


GWh of energy saved

The equivalent of a forest the size of 11,335 soccer fields






kg ofCO2

The equivalent of the annual electricity consumption of 31,991 homes






Liters of diesel fuel saved

Equal to 36,587 gasoline passenger vehicles driven for one year




Efficient companies

Data on customers in Italy and the world

Our way of creating
energy efficiency.

Through patented proprietary technologies, we create energy efficiency for our customers, reducing dissipated energy and maximizing the yield of production facilities. The presence of our solutions in the company enables cost reduction while leaving productivity unaffected.

International patents

In the course of its research and development, Icopower has filed and obtained numerous international patents, which still equip the energy efficiency technologies it produces.

Although different in technology and scope of application, Icopower's solutions have in common the reduction of Customers' electricity consumption while maintaining their productivity.

ICO-F Logo

Pure energy efficiency

ICO F is Icopower's range for reducing customer grid losses, that is, that part of the energy paid for but dissipated by the system. Grid losses are strongly influenced by excess voltage fluctuations from the grid.

A next-generation voltage optimizer system, covered by several international patents, featuring innovative technology that can contractually guarantee the reduction of energy waste caused by fluctuations present in power grids.

The machines in the ICO-F line also make it possible to eliminate voltage spikes within plants, resulting in a longer life for the plant components themselves.

Detail of the front panel of Icopower's ICO-F 500

Key advantages of ICO-F

ICO-F is a unique and internationally patented solution. The benefits associated with this solution are both technological and service-related. The Customer benefits from a comprehensive, transparent and secure energy efficiency offering.

Icon - Guaranteed Savings

Guaranteed savings

Icon - Independent Certifications

Independent certifications

Icon - Bypass

Automatic bypass

Icon - Maximum Accuracy

Maximum accuracy

Icon - Reactive Energy Reduction

Reactive energy reduction

Icon - Harmonic Reduction

Harmonic reduction

Icon - Surge and spike protection

Peak and spike protection

Icon - Increased implant longevity

Increased implant longevity

Icon - Energy management

Energy management

Icon - Cloud Management

Cloud Management

Icon - Two-way communication

Two-way communication

Icon - Remote Access

Multi-device access

Icopower's ICO-F range.
Ico-Air logo

Energy efficiency of compressed air

ICO-Air is ICOPOWER 's signature revolution that significantly lowers the energy costs of manufacturing facilities that use compressed air. The patented system reduces inefficiencies resulting from the distribution of compressed air, through an optimization of compressor operating loads. A novel solution, for performance and savings also guaranteed by a payback pact, in case of failure.

It is important to note how, within a production site, more than 50 percent of energy is consumed for compressed air generation. The ICO-Air system, developed by ICOPOWER, acts directly on the inefficiency of compressed air distribution, whose activity is mainly based on the reduction of pressures in the storage system, with a consequent decrease in the working hours of compressors, protecting their proper functioning. An intervention that can ensure a reduction in activity between 10% and 40%, guaranteeing greater energy efficiency.

An ICO-Air model

The benefits of ICO-Air

  • Guaranteed performance and savings: ICOPOWER ensures the estimated efficiency outcome through a payback pact, in case of failure to meet targets
  • Ability to monitor machine performance
  • "Plug and play" system with self-adjustment of parameters
  • Dimensions: WxDxH (mm): 705x170x340
  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Certifications: CE Declaration of Conformity
ICO-R Logo

State-of-the-art rephasing

ICO-R a completely new approach to power factor correction that can increase Power Quality through a modular turnkey service that eliminates reactive power issues. A system that can monitor plant behavior in real time and enjoy "Industry 4.0" tax benefits.

The internal components are designed and sized to operate properly under load conditions greater than those actually present in order to maintain durability and effective performance over time.

An ICO-R model

The main advantages of ICO-R

  • ICOPOWER all-inclusive service contract provides a low fee, which guarantees the result, measures it and maintains it over time
  • Total transparency in real time, thanks to remote management of all system features
  • Total performance guarantee: ICOPOWER reimburses any euro penalty applied on the bill if through the application the customer incurs reactive energy values above the regulatory threshold
  • Equipped with a kVAr meter, which measures the system performance in a timely manner and verifies its proper operation
  • The technology developed by ICOPOWER integrates seamlessly with any other power factor correction devices already present, creating a synergistic effect that significantly lightens the workload of the equipment
  • Extremely small size
  • Certifications:
    CEDeclaration of Conformity
    Compatibility EN IEC 61558
    power capacitors of the self-healing type for a.c. systems having a rated voltage up to and including 1,000 V (Part 1) - IEC/EN 60831-1
    voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies - IEC/EN 61439
ICO-L Logo

Energy efficiency for led lighting

ICO-L newborn in the ICOPOWER household: a new generation, it is designed to increase the life of electronic loads, such as LED lighting, by preserving them from harmful phenomena in the power grid. The ICO-L system can handle up to 9kW three-phase power, with a very small footprint.

The innovative ICO-L system ensures maximum protection, thanks both to the ability to display, in real time, the maximum peak voltage detected per phase and to detect how many events and on which phases the load has been protected from electrical shocks, potentially harmful.

A feature made possible by virtue of the presence, inside, of a proprietary ICOPOWER electronic device, capable of reading the derivatives of the voltages managing, in this way, to define the behavior curve of the damaging spike for the loads. An LED strip, moreover, placed on the front panel of the machine, allows to view a lot of information, for a complete monitoring on the correct operation and on the possible presence of each damaging event. Finally, the detected data can be exported, thanks to a user-friendly interface, to the machine.

An ICO-L model

The main advantages of ICO-L

  • ICO-L is a compact, high-power solution that installs quickly and easily directly on the wall
  • Ideal for use in any application area, be it Industrial, Commercial or Tertiary
  • Allows the life of LED luminaires to be extended
  • Significantly reduces extraordinary maintenance costs of applied electronic loads
icopower brand covered with green grass

ICOPOWERcontributes to environmental sustainability.

Every energy efficiency bid that Icopower issues contains specific information about the environmental benefits that can be achieved by installing ICO-F.
Our customers benefit from valuable information that they can use in
green marketing activities , in sustainability reporting and in improving
carbon footprint.

Green icon of a house
Annual savings
equal to consumption
of no. households 
Green icon of the world
Reduction of emissions in Tons of CO2 equivalent.
Green icon of a gasoline pump
Reduction in Emissions in Tons of Oil Equivalent
Green icon of a tree
Hectares of forest equal
to your energy savings 
Image indicating CO2 savings

Increase your environmental sustainability now

Request an appointment now and
let's find out together how much
we can improve your company's
energy efficiency and
sustainability balance.

Carbon credits certified on Blockchain.

Icopower has embarked on a virtuous path to report (Scope 1 and 2), reduce, and offset Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions emitted during the course of its operations.

In 2022, Icopower emitted a total of 68 TCo2 eq (54 TCo2 eq Scope 1and 14 TCo2 eq Scope 2 ) which were fully offset through the financing of Certified Offset Projects on Block Chain.

Icopower finances two hydroelectric projects in Turkey and Brazil, a cogeneration plant in Pakistan, and a solar cooking project in China.

In 2023, technology investments have been made to reduce the carbon footprint by using heat pumps for office cooling and heating.

Further investments regarding the company's fleet are planned for 2024.

U2Y Carbon credits certified on blockchain for Icopower

The map of projects supported by Icopower

Here is the link to the description and location of the projects

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